The Top 6 Healthiest Uses of Technology

The Top 6 Healthiest Uses of Technology

Have you ever heard the term “digitally responsible?" It’s the ability to use technology in a way that doesn't harm others, and to be aware of the impact that technology has on our health, environment, and society at large. Whether your a tech geek or just want to become healthier in today's digital landscape, here are our top 6 healthiest uses of technology for your every day life. 

1. Meditation & Relaxation

 Photo Cred:  The Inertia

Photo Cred: The Inertia


Wouldn’t we all love to have an extra hour a day to dedicate to a nice relaxing yoga or meditation session? On top of working out, making dinner, getting kids dressed and ready, and being a functional member of society, relaxation is the furthest thing on some of our minds. However, it has never been easier to meditate and relax.

There are a ton of apps out there, in fact, recently released "The Best Meditation Apps for 2016," and taking our own advice, we thought we should test some of them out. Our personal favorite is Calm, which is free to download and use (of course, added features are available for purchase). It allows you to pick a duration for your meditation from a few minutes to half an hour. There's also plenty of variation even in the free version that can suit your needs, like a 7 day series of calm, guided meditation, or unguided meditation with a timer bell. Of course, the paid subscription service is definitely the way to go if you're planning to use the meditation app on the daily.

If you aren’t into using an app to help you relax, calming music is always accessible on Spotify or Pandora. Find a quiet place, put your headphones on, and find that perfect relaxing playlist.

Calm: Meditate & relax with guided, mindfulness meditation for stress reduction. iPhone | Android

2. Medical Information at Our Fingertips

 Photo Cred:  Third Wave

Photo Cred: Third Wave

When was the last time you got injured? Sick? I personally love using technology rather than going anywhere these days, but shhh don’t tell my doctor. WebMD is one of the most searched sites available to us. It is actually the most frequently used medical website, seeing nearly 80 million viewers per month. In addition, you have, and of course, a simple google search will give you everything you need to be prepared for that annual exam.

The ease of finding medical information online is making it easier for us to know what is healthy and what is not, especially when you have to find treatment after spraining your ankle because you’re too busy finding Pokemon. Catch 'em all...just be safe!

3. Wearable Tech & Exercise Apps

 Photo Cred:  Apple

Photo Cred: Apple

Let’s start with wearable tech. It’s super convenient, all you have to do is put it on and let the tracker do all the work! They keep track of sleep patterns, daily steps, heart rate, etc. but are they really that easy? The answer is yes, but what's difficult is choosing the right one since there are so many out there to choose from! As for price, whatever your budget, there’s a device out there for you from a $50 Fitbit to an Apple Sport Watch starting at around $300.

Tip: When trying to find a wearable that suits your needs, start within your price range. Most of these activity/sleep trackers from cheap to outrageous use very similar technology to do the exact same thing, so pick the one that works for your bank account and don't get too caught up in how fancy it might be.

Fitness tracker or not, here are a few impeccably created apps, specifically designed to help you workout, and get moving without an expensive gym membership:

Whatever method you decide to use, technology can definitely enhance your goals to be healthier in 2016. There’s still time to make good on those resolutions we made 8 months ago, so go get your sweat on!

4. Staying Connected

 Photo Cred:  The Verge

Photo Cred: The Verge

When connecting in person isn’t possible, but needed to keep you sane, technology is here to rescue you. FaceTime and Skype have made it easy to stay connected to family and friends, even if they're on the other side of the world. Not only can you video chat at the touch of a button, but you can use social media 24/7.

Doing business remotely has never been so easy. GoToMeeting or Join.Me are simple solutions to meet with colleagues all over the world. In terms of working remotely, more and more companies are allowing employees to work from home, and these solutions allow for less sick days as well as a better work environment for everyone!

5. Productivity

 Photo Cred:  Geek Wire

Photo Cred: Geek Wire

Gone are the days of stressing in long banking lines on payday, dreading the post office before the holidays, or even running errands on the weekends. We can order and ship presents in 24 hours on Amazon , order dinner from Postmates , split tabs with Venmo, and go to Costco with Google Express, all from the comfort of your own home.

Speaking of Google Express, have you tried it? We used it this past weekend and it was a life-saver! We ordered from Target, Costco, and Staples all from within the app while out and about, and when we got back home 5 hours later, all of the goods were sitting on our doorstep! It didn’t cost a thing, because for the first three months after signing up, they waive the deliver charge. It’s only in these select cities for now, but is constantly expanding and we highly recommend checking it out as soon as it becomes available in your area. All of this free time might just help us interact with the people sitting next to us tinkering on their own device...

Google Express: Android | iPhone

6. Sleep-Aides

 Photo Cred:  The Awkward Yeti

Photo Cred: The Awkward Yeti

We all know that getting a great night sleep is best for our health, and probably the best change we can make to living a healthier lifestyle, but have you ever wondered why you wake up more tired after getting 8 hours of sleep than nights when you only get 6? By utilizing technology while sleeping, you can gain a better understanding of why that might be.

We recently posted the 5 Best Sleeping Apps That Really Work, but technology can go even further than just getting you to sleep, like diagnosing why you aren't sleeping well. As of right now, the technology is still pretty new, and usually requires an appointment in a sleep study lab, but you can get some results at home. The process is called Actigraphy, which measures the motions of your body, and can give you insight into sleep/wake patterns. Bed monitors can be put under your mattress to monitor your movements during sleep, and works in conjunction with an app on your smartphone. Beddit is probably one of the more well known sleep tracker monitoring systems and goes for around $95. Let us know if you try it out, we'd love to hear more!

We shouldn’t be afraid to let technology make our lives easier, there are many healthy ways we can use it to our full advantage while still making time for our loved ones, and the world around us. Speaking of health, Evutec is constantly trying to improve environmental health by planting a tree for every wood case purchased. Head to our website to learn more:

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